Communication Hollywood-Style: Big, Effective, and Intuitive

When it comes to communicating a brand message to your audience, Hollywood’s big, brash, and real attitude will take your message much farther than international cinema’s challenging, understated, and experimental tone.

At the end of Nostalghia by Andrei Tarkovsky, one of Russia’s great film makers, a man repeatedly tries to carry a candle that he lit from one side of a church courtyard to the other. The scene lasts 9 minutes. With no cuts. In Michelangelo Antonioni’s The Passenger, the climactic scene is a slow 6-minute zoom out of a hotel window, where people move in and out of the frame. 6 minutes. One window.

The Online Shopping Experience

Shopping online is not the same experience for all of us, as we don’t all look for the same type of products and some of us shop internationally while some only look for local shops. In my case, I enjoy looking for last minute offers and season sales, but I am not very adventurous!  I have seen a lot of “this is what I bought and this is what I got” videos online to keep my online shopping within the boundaries of safe and known online stores. Even being careful I’ve had some bad experiences; nothing too unexpected, such as the wrong size or the color of the picture looks nothing like the product I received, but otherwise, my experience as an online buyer has been on the good and happy side.

Frontiers of Communication: The Social Media Paradigm Shift

I’ll be the first to admit that the paradigm has been shifted for some time because of social media. Still, when you’re trying to benefit your business with communication through social media, it really can never be talked about enough. Many businesses out there may be looking for online marketing in Orange County, and still not appreciate just how different the communication model is since the advent of social media.

Branding Tip: Understanding a Brand


You should do some branding!, what is your favorite brand? What type of brands do you like? We hear things like this all the time, but do we even know what a brand is? Most people will define a brand as a logo or a product, even a color or a name. There is so much more to a brand than what meets the eye or the product that you purchase. Have you ever thought about the meaning of a brand? Is it just a name? Is it a logo? Maybe a combination of colors? If you feel a little bit lost, Twelve12 and our Orange County branding tip experts have some information that you will find interesting.

Video Production | Communicating with Visual Aids

It is very exciting to work with online marketing; everybody wants a piece of the online action, and those small entrepreneurs that had no money for T.V. or radio ads are now able to promote their products and services with an amazing result in some cases. Almost every person you know has a smartphone, and while years ago we could only watch television after work, or listen to the radio while we were driving, now we are connected with the whole world almost 24/7. In some cases, we even have to actively restrict ourselves from getting online that much! Even my grandmother has shared a link online and used video conferences to keep in touch with distant relatives.

Why We Love Flowers: The Essence of Brand Development

Even though all flowers grow from the same dirt, water, and sunlight, each flower has a specific story, its information, to tell the world. Brands should be the same way.

It’s wildflower season, and in California, it’s looking to be an incredible one, with the very wet winter producing an explosive number of flowers in the mountains up and down the state. With all those blooms and natural beauty, one can’t help but think about brand development (if you’re like us at Twelve12…).

Build a Brand | Twelve12

As marketers, we do anything we can to build a brand; we use any tool and technology available to develop better and new branding strategies. We have talked in past articles about the online marketing trends and online content is still one of the favorite tools for marketing professionals.