Value + Validation: The Secret Sauce to Upping Your Marketing ROI disclosure: there isn’t really a “secret sauce” or magic potion to make any marketing campaign successful. Sorry about that. What I can tell you about is a commonly overlooked aspect of brand identity that can have big implications for marketing strategy. When a business is looking for a marketing agency in Orange County, they…

Checking Out Your Competitor’s Moves – Online Marketing

Online marketing evolves so fast, that it’s hard to keep up sometimes. Constant research and trials are necessary and benchmarking is one of the best options that you have to keep and improve your company’s current status.

As I was telling you, the internet business has a habit of reinventing itself regularly and it is very hard to know which trend is here to stay and what is not. Sometimes the smart thing to do instead of following your instincts is to explore what your closest competitors are doing and do it better.

From Seed to Sequoia: A Clean Spot for Seeds to Grow

While sitting in the office of our branding agency in Irvine, California, I started thinking about what it takes to build a successful company. Immediately, my mind went to a big topic—one of the biggest of topics, if we’re talking about trees: the giant sequoia.

The sprouting of a little sequoia seed is a simple and marvelous thing. These little seeds—flakes, really—smaller than a sesame seed, come packed in the sequoia’s pine cone—which is itself a baby next to the cones of its neighbors. Each of these cones contains hundreds of seeds. The potential for life of each small cone, much less each massive tree that spawns them, is sublime. The human minds can’t really grasp it.

Why You Need Social Media Management

You can’t wait to do online business through social media? After all, how difficult can it be to introduce your business to the social media world, opening some accounts and registering your business, and you are set to go, right? I am sorry to be the one that burst in your digital dream bubble, but no, it is not as easy as it sounds.

Some people’s lives have been ruined through social media by one or two bully teens, so what do you think can happen to your business if you come across some angry customers or trolls recruited by your competitors?

New Blood For Your Branding Strategies

A good branding strategy is a very important thing for your company. We now understand that branding is not just a logo or a slogan or the color of a box; it is so much more. We also know that a company must have a holistic perspective when they are developing their branding strategies.

First Glance or First Date? Thinking Beyond Your Brand’s First Impression

Do you know the sensation of looking at someone and feeling like you know them—or want to know them? The term we hear is love at first sight, and it can be a controversial topic. Some swear by it as proof that true love exists; others dismiss it as a fairytale—a mere poetic rendering of the basic feelings of physical attraction that everyone feels. Regardless of your personal philosophy of the situation, this concept of love at first sight is probably just too compelling to dismiss completely—plus, it does happen, doesn’t it?

Positivity and the Vibrations of Everything

I preface this blog by saying that we here at our Twelve 12 offices in Orange County take branding seriously.

I look at the smooth, crisp, modern industrial design of the desk I’m sitting at. On the desk at the moment is a small craft my son, who is in preschool, made for me. It’s a paper ladybug on a popsicle stick. These two disparate objects remind me, strangely, that everything in the universe is alive.

Traditional Marketing Is Not The Same As Old Marketing

Everybody is excited about digital marketing, and it is true that we have a whole new universe with the development of new ways to reach our customers and potential clients, including social media, video platforms, blogs, etc. Does this mean that we should eliminate traditional marketing from our marketing strategies and marketing budgets?

Absolutely not! Although the digital tools are incredibly effective, they have to be supported by a strong marketing plan and that can only be achieved with the inclusion of traditional marketing.