The Chicken And The Egg – The Marketing Starting Point

The starting point of marketing is the consumer; if you do it backwards it will not work or will only work partially or by chance, but this doesn’t mean that the other parts of the process are less important or that they don’t matter. And before you start screaming at your screen and close this article, let me explain why the consumer should always be the starting point.

Marketing Evolution

A lot has been said about marketing, if you try to search information about marketing online you will find a lot of articles, books, diagrams, slideshows and websites on this topic. Marketing can represent different things depending on the needs of the person conducting the research. It is a word that encapsulates all the aspects of human interaction that involves a trade. Not necessarily involving money or goods.

The Amazing 5 – Why, Who, What, Where and When

Why, who, what, where and when. These are the most important questions that you should be able to answer if you have a good marketing strategy. It is very hard to keep online customers loyal to your brands, the digital media is constantly bombarding your regular clients and your potential market with constant advertising based on their online behavior. It is time for you to take control of your internet marketing in Orange County and Twelve12 is here to guide you through this process.

Developing Your Company’s Face | Twelve12

It would be great if we could find an infallible formula to guarantee the success of our companies, but unfortunately there is no such thing, and what works for some companies may not work for others. What we can do is analyze different scenarios and compare what similar businesses have done to achieve their goals and look for patterns that we can apply. It is fair to say that we can find some constants within the companies that have been able to reach a high level of acceptance and kept it through the years. Let’s find out some more about this from the Orange County branding point of view.