Defining your Brand | Twelve12

If you are just beginning to build up your Brand or if you already have a brand, but you don’t think that it is reflecting what you want (and despite your best efforts, you are not getting the results that you want), it might be time to think about getting professional help from the experts on branding in Orange County. And to give your brand a boost, not just a new logo or a different name, what you need is to clearly define your brand and a good set of beneficial strategies.

Content Marketing and Better Online Experiences

Online marketing involves a high number of options, social media, search engine optimization (SEO), traffic acquisition, content marketing and many others. But as many of you know, content marketing is still positioning at the top of the list this 2017 for online marketing in Orange County, and we want you to learn as much as you can about this amazing tool. So let´s talk some more about content marketing.

Marketing and Branding

Not that long ago, I stumbled for the millionth time with yet another article stating the main differences between marketing and branding. I decided to write a little about the subject and bring some more information on this topic to our regular and new readers. Are marketing and branding something different? This is not the…

Engage Beyond a Click

The Marketing Companies in Orange County can’t rely anymore just on online banners or the different types of advertising that we usually buy to promote or create awareness of our company or our products. There are some trends on the rise that are gaining popularity and are proving to be worth our interest. The Twelve12 team has been watching closely the online behavior, and some of the newest ways to promote your business and even yourself online.

So, what’s the next step after the click and view advertising? Live marketing, of course! Most of us have experienced this; we have a friend or we have seen a group or even a public figure using live streaming platforms. And we go further; we should explore a whole engaging marketing experience and offer our customers more than just the old boring online ad.

Full Experience Marketing

It´s an exciting time for those of us who work in the marketing industry, as tools that were just a dream or that we could only see in science fiction movies are catching up, and we are here to witness all of it. It is a great thing not only for marketers; it is good…