Branding Tips

There’s so much information about branding out there, and it usually contains a lot of specialized terminology and basically you end up reading a book abstract that leaves you exactly in the same spot where you started – looking for information about how to do effective branding for your business.

At Twelve12, we have been developing different ways of doing effective branding in Orange County and one of the most powerful approaches that we have used over several years is to align the whole company with the branding efforts.

Better Online Experiences

As internet users, we all have wished at least once or twice for an online experience free of advertising, but unfortunately for us as consumers this will probably never happen. Luckily, however, for companies, re-sellers, bloggers and social media (among others), the internet will keep selling us products and services as much as it can. Does this mean that we are all doomed to keep getting annoying ads invading our “private” online experience?

Customerization is Good for You

At Twelve12, we get very excited when our customers succeed; this is why we keep finding ways to help your business grow. As we always say, all our clients are different, even if they sell the same type of product. The needs of each company are different; some of them are new and they need a boost to help them out to spread the word about the new business in town, and some are established companies that desperately want a change to become more appealing to new customers. One of the keys to our success as a top branding agency in Los Angeles is Customerization.

Smart Advertising

We can still hear that old saying, “any advertising is good advertising”, but is this truly good advice? In order to answer this question I want you to think as a customer, or more specifically, an online customer. Think about the last time that you were trying to find information about any topic or product,…