Angel & Steven, ARE

My name is Angel Lucero and I’m with American Rail Engineers, and we provide primarily bridge improvement type and bridge management services to railroads across the country. I’m Steven Youshak, the COO of ARE. I had done a lot of logo design and marketing and then we met with Twelve12 and we started seeing their ideas…

Sid Miramontes, Miramontes Capital

I got involved with Twelve12 after interviewing several ad agencies and branding companies. The reason why we chose Twelve12 is because we felt that they understood us, we felt the most comfortable with them, we felt that we could build the best relationship long-term. They’re very diligent, they’re thorough, perfectionists. And that’s what we want.  When you…

Content Marketing

One of the most used internet marketing strategies is content marketing. Almost 80% of the companies with an online presence, use or are planning to use some kind of content Marketing. It is important to understand the way content marketing works in order to develop a successful strategy.

When a client comes to Twelve12 looking for help to elaborate an Internet Marketing strategy for Orange County, we present a wide range of options depending on their own needs. Internet marketing is a delicate area; but anything can turn into a great investment if you use the right mix of variables.

Sell It

It is always exciting to introduce a new product to the market, as it is all or nothing, and a success is determined by the timing and the combination of the right conditions. It really doesn’t matter if there´s a crisis, or not very expensive products have been successfully introduced to the market during the worst financial conditions with great results. However, there is a variable that is present in almost every success story and that is good branding.

Turker, Iconn

My name is Turker Hidirlar and I’m the Vice President of iConn Technologies. We provide companies in North America, Europe and Asia with design solutions to fill in the gaps of skills that they don’t have in house themselves. I was listening round to my network and Ike was introduced to me, the president of…