Bruce, iConn

I’m Bruce Whitehead, the Customer Development Manager at iConn Technologies. I work under Turker, the VP of Marketing and Sales. One of the things when I came on board with iConn is that I noticed that the website and some presentations had been a number of years since they had been revamped and we wanted…

Video and Your Company

“An image is worth a thousand words”: this is not a random expression. We need constant stimuli to achieve our full potential. And in today’s world, which better way to communicate than through video, which also extends its arms and reaches into the business world.

Branding and Marketing with Twelve12

Sometimes, the concept of branding is not very clear to business people. If you don’t have a lot of knowledge of the marketing world, you may be under the belief that marketing and branding are synonyms and/or a cost center.

Marketing is not just “something” that you pay for; it involves every aspect of the company, even the process of making a product, the design of the pack, the label, etcetera, and it holds all the variables that will hopefully end up driving sales to the business.