Branding: Because I love it!

Today is the day: you finally have saved enough money to buy a new car and you will make it happen today! You get ready to go and get it. You know exactly where to go, you know the type of car – hey, you are probably even a friend of the salesman at this point. You sit down and sign the contracts of your brand new car and you are oh so happy to have spent more than a year of savings on your new… (fill in the blank).  If I knock on your door right now and I ask you for the same amount of money and I give you cute pictures of a new car (let’s call it “Atheneus”) will you have the same happy experience? Do you honestly believe that you will feel the same sense of achievement? Would you sign a contract with me for 24 monthly payments with ridiculously high interest? You probably would laugh at me and kick me out of your house and then call the police to report a mental patient on the loose.