The Right Message Through the Right Material

There are many ways to introduce a company to potential clients, to investors and even to new employees. A speech from a manager or a sales representative is a good way to do it most of the time, as they talk about the company, they pass informative flyers around and they answer as many questions as they get. But is it the most effective way to show your company and make a long lasting impression?

What is a Brand?

Have you ever thought about the meaning of a brand? Is it just a name? Is it a logo? Maybe a combination of colors? If you are trying to find out a definition for “brand” to build one for your company you will only get frustrated and discouraged. No need to worry about Orange County branding; at Twelve12, we understand that a brand is more than just a few words or a creative design. These sure bring attention to it, but it is a lot more than pretty colors and clever slogans.

Online Marketing in Orange County

Developing an online business plan is important, it is an exercise that often provides vital information about the internal and external variables that affect any business. Effectively mapping a business will help you develop strategies to communicate your business message and put your company on the map.

Your starting point should be the gathering of information. Some companies are so complex that they might require professional help. At Twelve12 we have expert teams that will take care of your online marketing needs in Orange County.

Branding your Company

A Brand strategy includes all the necessary elements that you will need in order to develop your brand.

A brand is the whole concept that any customer will remember about your company, quality, services and or products, customer service, added value, company’s identity, such as a logo or a catchy slogan. Even your advertising is an important part of your branding.

How To Achieve Effective Communication

To effectively advertise your business, it is very important to find out the right message to communicate with your clients. People is used to be bombarded on the internet with constant advertising and promotion and this can create a problem for marketing specialists. Instead of becoming more effective, the excess of advertising forces the potential customers to use ad blocking aids and we are also getting better at ignoring overexposed ads.