Online Marketing and video production

Many have spent hours writing “quality” content for their websites only to find out that it just delivers a few new visitors or social media shares. Not what they were expecting after days of hard work and hours of thinking about new ideas! This can make anyone get disappointed; where did you go wrong? At Twelve12, Digital Marketing experts in Orange County, you’ll find an expert team that will help you out with your Digital Marketing pains. No more wondering and guessing what to do next, you can have a professional plan designed for your specific needs.  

Your Brand’s Worth

The brand is the most important asset of a company when you look at it from a marketing point of view. Few things are as valuable as a well-recognized brand in order to bring new customers to our business and maintain the ones we already have.

Digital marketing and branding

The buying decision is a very complex process; many companies and small business owners don’t pay too much attention to this when it is actually one of the key factors for any business, no matter what size. Consumers are complicated and they are not easy to understand. We live in a digital era and this makes the situation even harder; we cannot use the same marketing strategies that we used some years ago.