Digital Marketing planning – Part 5

In the last article we looked into tactics and why they are one of the most important parts of the digital marketing plan. After gathering all the information about the market, competitors and clients, we started planning the marketing mix for our digital master plan. At Twelve12, we understand how valuable and important all the information and the results derived from our past analyses is. If you find yourself to be lost, set an appointment with one of the Marketing companies in Orange County. Twelve12, experts will be glad to guide you through your planning process and needs.

Digital Marketing Planning – Part 3

So far we have reviewed how to analyze the market situation where we have to understand where the company or business is at the present moment. We look into how we are doing business, who buys from us, how and why. We also analyze the competitors and their strategies, their advantages and their weaknesses. The second part was all about objectives, all that we want to achieve as a company, how to increase the satisfaction level of our customers, find new ways to make our products or services stand out from others in the same market. We also looked into effective communication of messages to our clients and how to convince new ones to try us out.